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The salient benefit to a community that adopts residential sprinkler legislation is the reduction of fire deaths. In addition, these local ordinances provide other benefits, such as limiting injuries and property damage. Studies based on fire data from three communities that have examined the effectiveness of sprinkler legislation in their communities provide insight on these benefits

Reduction of Fire Deaths. When considering the overall effectiveness of residential sprinklers in reducing fire deaths, sprinklers have been very successful in reducing multiple deaths from a single fire in the home.

Reduction of Injuries. In addition to limiting fire deaths in the home, in Prince George's County, only seven injuries were reported from fire incidents that occurred in homes equipped with sprinklers. Out of these injuries, each injury was determined to be minor in nature.

Protection of Property. Home sprinkler systems have also been documented to be effective in reducing property losses. For example, it was estimated that, in the United States from 1989 to 1998, the average direct property damage per fire was reduced by 42 percent when a home was protected by sprinklers

Fire Containment. Another method used to measure home fire sprinkler system effectiveness is to determine if the system contained a fire to an area near the point of fire origin. If a fire can be confined to a small area, the likelihood of fire deaths will be reduced.



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