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Fire Fighting Accessories: Firemasters

FIRE DETECTION AND CONTROL SOLUTIONS When smoke and fire threaten critical business assets, reaction time is crucial. Firemasters has fire protection products that utilize the most innovative technologies yet are convenient to install and operate. Whether you need an intelligent or conventional fire suppression control system, linear heat detection, early warning detection or an emergency power-off system, Fike has the fire protection solution to fit your needs.


VESDA is simply a laser based smoke detector, which means it is a very good smoke detector! VESDA smoke detectors have been operating in specialist fire detection applications for over 20 years. VESDA is the most advanced aspirating smoke detection equipment on the market. VESDA smoke detectors hold more certifications than any other aspirating smoke detectors.

Fire Detection with Control

Product Scope

  • Backlit keypad keys for low light conditions
  • 3 easy to use function keys - stay, away and bypass
  • Quick arming in stay or away modes
  • Dedicated key for chime
  • Armed, ready, power and fire - service LED
  • Adjustable keypad tones
  • Unique "ding dong" door chime
  • Alarm memory features
  • Audible exit delay countdown

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