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Candle management
Keep candles at least 12 inches ...
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Fire Protection Engineering: Firemasters

Performance-based solutions, groundbreaking design.

Firemasters is the industry leader in developing alternative solutions to prescriptive code requirements, using engineering analysis methods based on defined fire safety goals and objectives.

Performance-based solutions are often aimed at achieving a code-equivalent level of fire safety, while addressing owner-specified goals, such as protection of critical equipment, art collections, or other valuable property; preservation of historic or significant architectural features; continuity of business operations; security; and cost. Through chairmanship positions on several NFPA technical committees, Firemasters staff consistently lead in development of groundbreaking fire safety techniques and they have written Code and Engineering Handbooks as well as numerous chapters for SFPE and NFPA handbooks.


We design, supply, install and maintain fire systems and equipment at the internationally recommended standards.
Portable fire extinguishers

Wheeled extinguishers

Applied to fuel fires as either an aspirated (mixed & expanded with air in a branch pipe) or non aspirated form to form a frothy blanket or seal over the fuel, preventing oxygen reaching it

Delivery hoses

There are several types of hose designed specifically for the fire service. Those designed to operate under positive pressure are called discharge hoses

Hose reels

A Hose Reel is a cylindrical spindle made of either metal, fiberglass, or plastic and is used for storing a hose.

Fire pumps

Fire Pump designs and custom-builds a wide range of fire pump systems including prefabricated packages and house units that meet every fire protection ...


A hydrant is an outlet from a fluid main often consisting of an upright pipe

Automatic fire suppression systems

Fire suppression systems are used in conjunction with smoke detectors and fire alarm systems to improve and increase public safety.

Fire detection systems

Firemasters has fire protection products that utilize the most innovative technologies yet are convenient to install and operate.

Foam systems and concentrates

Fire blankets





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