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Inspection and detection : Firemasters

Firemasters is the Uganda's leading supplier of fire prevention systems. For over 10 years, we have specialized in creating tailor-made systems, with the highest technical standard, in order to protect the process industry from costly fire explosions.

With products covering everything from spark detection and flame detection, to extinguishing with water and water mist, we can offer a safe fire prevention solution for your company. 

Whether you are looking for home or commercial solutions, Firemasters offers industry leading fire and smoke detection designed to help protect people and property.

Firemasters's fire alarm monitoring service saves lives by enabling fast alerts for the emergency services. As soon as Firemasters's fire detection system signals a fire alarm, this signal is transmitted to a Firemasters monitoring centre and the local fire service is alerted.

Our fire detection and alarm systems offer reliable, early detection of all fire types coupled to superb false alarm management. They protect life, property and assist business by detecting fire at the earliest stage, allowing more time to evacuate, respond and extinguish fires before they become life, building or business critical.


Fire Alarm Systems
Many homes have simple smoke detectors, but ADT Fire packages offer more; should you be overcome with smoke, or away from home when fire strikes, we will alert you or your keyholder and the fire service.
Fire Alarm Systems
When fire strikes a business, it must be able to react immediately. ADT’s fire detection systems can identify the signs of a fire at the earliest possible stages and can pinpoint its location across large premises.
Small Business
Fire Alarm Systems
Fire can have a destructive impact on a business; property damage, injuries and loss of lives. Fire statistics show that 80% of single site businesses that suffer a significant fire fail within 12 months.


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